Daly s Elephants 150х100сm 59 39 3in acrylic от автора Внукова Юлия для типа TYPE_PRODUCT Изображение
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Внукова Юлия

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Киев (Украина)

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«Daly's Elephants» 150х100сm (59×39,3in) acrylic, canvas Year: 2015 author’s

technique Author: Yuliia Vnukova (Ukraine, Kiev) The idea of the painting: Salvador Dali was an eccentric or a genius? For me, the answer is obvious. Images in his paintings surprise, capture, disgust. They are all strange and different. How did he create, who was his muse, how did his fantasy work? The answers to these questions are described in his biographies. And who will try to understand the embryos of his paintings on his own? Do you have any questions or suggestions? You can contact the author of this picture in any of the following ways: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vnukovayulia Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/yu.vnukova Viber: +38 (050) 331 50 10 #painting #YuliaVnukova #art #interior #drawing #abstraction #рисунок #ЮлияВнукова #искусство #картина #живопись #интерьер #абстракция #купитькартину фото 1 из 1

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