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Квартира-студия от автора Фисенко Ольга для типа портфолио Изображение


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столовая от автора Авторская студия дизайна 3F DESIGN для типа портфолио Изображение


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Санкт-ПетербургНижний НовгородМосква
Квартира в Нижнем Новгороде Зал-кухня от автора Гоголева Анна для типа портфолио Изображение

Квартира в Нижнем Новгороде. Зал-кухня.

Design of an apartment in a modern style от автора Екатерина Антонович для типа портфолио Изображение
Екатерина Антонович - avatar small

Екатерина Антонович

Екатерина Антоновичekaterina-antonovich.arxip.com
Дубай (Объединенные Арабские Эмираты)

Design of an apartment in a modern style. The interior concept in a modern

style from the studio of elite design ANTONOVICH DESIGN is the breath of nature in a stylish and trendy, modern image. Interior designers skillfully played with textures of wood, natural stone and original lighting. In the luxury bedroom interior dark and muted tones were applied. Walls finishing with natural stone with natural porous texture are perfectly combined with wooden floor of aged boards. Gray ceiling with built-in lights in the style of high-tech interior modestly emphasizes luxury. Spacious bed stands on a podium made of wood, it is covered with a blanket of heavy silk and below it is highlighted with blue neon lights. Bathroom and bedroom are divided with a transparent glass partition. All the walls and floor of the bathroom are laid with mosaic tiles of warm brown colour. The interior of the living room acquired a special charm. Sofa upholstered in natural leather, and outside stripe of a thin veneer wood. Beautiful accent of lighting in the living room is given with author lamps of steel color. Smooth geometric shapes of furniture are underlined with hidden illumination. All the windows in the apartment are draped with milky white natural silk. In the loggia to enjoy the landscape, soft comfortable sofas are provided, the sofas on which you do not just sit down, but immerse for relaxation and moments of happiness. In this interior you can feel dynamism, expression, which creates the mood of Jolly everyday life and special holidays. фото 1 из 9

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