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Darya Emelyanova - avatar small
the composed от автора Darya Emelyanova для типа TYPE_PROJECT Изображение

the composed

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гостиная от автора Urban Group для типа TYPE_PROJECT Изображение


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Игра деталей от автора Elena Ponomarenko для типа TYPE_PROJECT Изображение

Игра деталей

Luxury villa design in Sharjah of Katrina Antonovi от автора Екатерина Антонович для типа TYPE_PROJECT Изображение
Екатерина Антонович - avatar small

Екатерина Антонович

Екатерина Антонович
Дубай (Объединенные Арабские Эмираты)

Luxury villa design in Sharjah of Katrina Antonovich Modern classics chosen

by aristocrats Luxury Antonovich Design. At all times, the interior reflects the master of the house, his status, his character, his taste. And at all times, the classic style is a symbol of nobility, respectability and gentility. The highest degree of skill of the designer and his work is defined in this style. For this luxury villa in Sharjah designer Katrina Antonovich offered solutions, which can be characterized by such epithets as elegance, grace and perfection in everything. Interior inherent style and sense of proportion. Light colors give the space a light character, and bright accents of furniture and textile design give the warmth of home comfort. Luxury villa design in Sharjah , Katrina Antonovich фото 1 из 7

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