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Дизайн бара

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The house design Antalya. Things you can only dream about become reality in unique interiors by Studio of Elite Interiors Antonovich Design. Luxury that fascinates with its beautiful appearance, has found its reflection in this stunning design project of the house. A flight of imagination of the designers in tandem with their talent and virtuosity helped them to create such perfection. It is a flight into the future of luxury and comfort. In a stunning elegant art deco interior designers skillfully wove luxurious and noble traits of the classical style. A hall of the building was a fundamental moment from which the whole design concept of the project started. From the first moments of your stay in the house, it feels like you got into a fairy tale, into that magic of the eternal celebration of life, which this elite interior gives. The main role in this festival is played by the stunning staircase. Luxurious marble staircase, curving gracefully rises to the second floor of the building. Each marble stage is lighted with a ribbon of modern led lighting. The luxurious staircase look is completed with wrought iron balustrade and waterfalls of crystal pendants of ceiling lights. On the entire height of the staircase a massive chandelier made of crystal hangs. Brilliant interior design and engineering solutions makes this element of the interior very light and airy, despite the massive structure. The interior of the dining room in the house is full of nobility and aristocracy. Moldings, silk, natural marble and velvet are harmoniously combined in perfect look of the royal and luxurious interior. In the stylish bedroom art deco dominates. Soft wall panel framed with mirror panels became its deserving adorn. Lovely house in Antalya has become the pride of its owners.

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Yen Archvis

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