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the composed от автора Darya Emelyanova для типа портфолио Изображение

the composed

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Кафе Mercedes-Benz от автора Артём Плотников для типа портфолио Изображение

Кафе "Mercedes-Benz"

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коридор от автора Авторская студия дизайна 3F DESIGN для типа портфолио Изображение


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кухня от автора среда для типа портфолио Изображение


The rules of beauty in interiors Katrina Antonovic от автора Екатерина Антонович для типа портфолио Изображение
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Екатерина Антонович

Екатерина Антоновичekaterina-antonovich.arxip.com
Дубай (Объединенные Арабские Эмираты)

The rules of beauty in interiors Katrina Antonovich The whole world lies

at your feet. Everything is subject to the laws of beauty and absolute happiness. Luxury as a way to express all the facets of the art of interior design. After all, using such simple material as gypsum, you can simply make the wall more even, and you can create a picturesque entourage of stucco decor, which will play chiaroscuro and modify the space at different times of the day. Do not hold back your desire to fill the space with beauty. Whether buying a new chic dress or a new interior design. All these moments need to be filled with your dreams and desires. Interior designer Katrina Antonovich works in the direction of premium design and specializes in creating interiors in classical style, neoclassic and modern style. This time we want to present a new design house design that reflects the best moments for which we so love the classic style. The interior radiates tenderness, grace and delicate taste. Which, however, is an exact repetition of the owner of this house. фото 1 из 3

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