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Нижний НовгородДзержинск
Оранжевое настроение от автора Анастасия Напольнова для типа портфолио Изображение

Оранжевое настроение

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Визуализация интерьера от автора Insert Design для типа портфолио Изображение

Визуализация интерьера

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Мужской с у в ресторане от Kucherenko Design Симферополь Крым от автора Александра Кучеренко для типа портфолио Изображение

Мужской с/у в ресторане от Kucherenko Design. Симферополь, Крым

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Альтернатива от автора T P T Q для типа портфолио Изображение


Beautiful ideas for kids room from Katrina Antonov от автора Екатерина Антонович для типа портфолио Изображение
Екатерина Антонович - avatar small

Екатерина Антонович

Екатерина Антоновичekaterina-antonovich.arxip.com
Дубай (Объединенные Арабские Эмираты)

Beautiful ideas for kids room from Katrina Antonovich Put an entire universe

of fantasies in the framework of one room is always a very interesting and very difficult task. After all, this universe has no boundaries. In the design of children's rooms, there is always a need to expand space, not only visually, but also mentally. We want to give two examples of design of children's rooms within the framework of the project of one house. Both rooms are full of decor and clearly express such moments as age, sex of children and their hobbies. Improvisations with furniture arrangement, accents of lighting, selection of color palette and maximum ergonomics. Behind these serious moments is a complex work on designing interior designer Katrina Antonovich. To get the ideal, most comfortable and so charming interior, the designer uses all the achievements of technology, the best materials. As for the children's rooms, there is a study of child psychology in the work. Only in this way can we create a truly ideal world for a child, in which the journey to adulthood will be filled with happiness, comfort and warmth of home comfort. Beautiful interiors of kids room, Katrina Antonovich фото 1 из 4

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