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Диван от автора Елисеева Вера для типа портфолио Изображение


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Juice от автора халит тухбатуллин для типа портфолио Изображение


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шкаф от автора Дмитрий для типа портфолио Изображение


House interior design Florida by Katrina Antonovic от автора Екатерина Антонович для типа портфолио Изображение
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Екатерина Антонович

Екатерина Антоновичekaterina-antonovich.arxip.com
Дубай (Объединенные Арабские Эмираты)

House interior design Florida by Katrina Antonovich A house that embodies

all the main moments of human happiness. When everything is in its place, when every detail pleases the eye, when everything surrounds the warmth of the home. The new design of the house project in the modern style that Katrina Antonovich developed has a unique character, which has features of stability, balance and confidence in the future. A pleasant palette of interior shades sets on the warmth of the soul. The height of the ceilings gives a feeling of stability and confidence in the future. Designer Katrina Antonovich improvises perfectly with the details of the decor of the building and the configuration of the windows. With the help of lighting accents, the author of the project creates a surprisingly harmonious view of the building. the most expensive houses projects, the best architects of USA, House interior design Florida, Katrina Antonovich фото 1 из 5

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