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Рафаэль Галимов - avatar small
The lake house от автора Рафаэль Галимов для типа портфолио Изображение

The lake house

Петросян Артем - avatar small
Деревянный дом в лесу от автора Петросян Артем для типа портфолио Изображение

Деревянный дом в лесу

Архитектурное бюро "КВАРТАЛЪ" - avatar small
Ресторан в г Черкесске от автора Архитектурное бюро КВАРТАЛЪ для типа портфолио Изображение

Ресторан в г.Черкесске

MIKHAIL KONDAUROV - avatar small
LOFTexterior от автора MIKHAIL KONDAUROV для типа портфолио Изображение


Мазуркевич Вячеслав - avatar small
Турбаза от автора Мазуркевич Вячеслав для типа портфолио Изображение


Buslaev Architects - avatar small
Проект таунхауса от автора Buslaev Architects для типа портфолио Изображение

Проект таунхауса

Pharos Tower от автора Василий Фенчак для типа портфолио Изображение

Pharos Tower. Pharos Tower Higher educational institutes have always played an important role in urban building up , city centers’ forming and different planning nodes. In modern conditions of economical rise of the Near East and the Far East Countries appears necessity of new academies’ and universities’ creation. Our design project is represented as a concept of higher educational institute of a new type –it is situated on the isle of Ishim-river in central part of Astana ( capitalcity of Kazakhstan). University center is almost autonomous unit and it includes: 1) Transport node (monorail station, pedestrian and bicycle road) 2) 4 buildings of dormitories (for social, technical and natural faculties + for personnel 3) Park recreation zone 4) Sport center (gyms,swimming pool, stadiums) 5) Scyscraper – main building of university center Building site was chosen knowingly –skyscraper inscribes to skyline of Astana, Ishim-river isolates it from baneful influence of city, provides coolness and moisture in arid climate of steppe. Isle is isolated but it could be easily reached from suburbs, while it is situated in city centre. Design of skyscraper is created in full accordance with functional and structural needs and reflects philosophic conception of authors – only if you master different aspects of knowledge you can rise to heaven’s height. Each of 3 circuits has its own facade skin pattern that reflects belonging to 1 of 3 science realms. So facade skin pattern of technical faculties is generated from crystal-like, geometric forms, skin pattern of social sciences is formed from national kazakh ‘s ornaments and pattern of natural sciences reminds micelium structure. The structure of building functionates and works properly only if all elements of the frame - ramp, circuits, shell and core- cooperate together, that, in its turn, symbolizes synthesis and inalienability of all scientific realms-their flow from one to other. The frame is constructed on the base of doubled grid of diagonal steel frames. The Isle is ecologically appropriate and clean place, free of vehicles and full of gardening. Design project is almost autonomous - bioreactors in basements recycle wastes and accumulate fuel. Alternative sources of energy represented in project are: lotus leaf - shaped solar batteries floating on the surface of river and wind turbines catching flows due to aerodynamic design of facade. Shell of skyscraper is able to collect atmospheric precipitation and then use it for irrigation of interior green recreation zones. The heart and brain of University is a library computerized mediacentre with 6 conference halls and interactive boards, that plays not only educational but communicational role. Each floor has aprox. 400-600 m2 of working and educational spaces and 1 on 3 floors zone of recreation (200-250 m2). Optimal insolation regime, double glass facade and natural ventilation provide comfortable working conditions and pleasant microclimate. Due to open interior space natural ventilation lowers costs of artificial conditioning. Engineering (service) floors are responsible for the life support control system and energy accumulation, inner transportation and they are situated in basement and on the last floors. 4 floors with administration of university are situated above entrance hall. The placement of campus infrastructure (entertaining centre with theatre,sportcentre with stadiums, 4 buildings of dormitories , green park zone, transport node) is rational, appropriate and easy for orientation.

Ласпи от автора Даниил Казаков для типа портфолио Изображение
Даниил Казаков - avatar small

Даниил Казаков

Даниил Казаковdaniil-kazakov.arxip.com
Санкт-Петербург (Россия)

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